How Gerard became a Certified Yoga Teacher

It was during a retreat to learn new massage techniques that Gerard first discovered the Yoga practice.

At the start it was for him a nice way to work out, then he discovered the benefits of meditation too and quickly Yoga became a passion, everything about it resonating deeply with him. His health improved really quickly and his massage approach was also transformed. The practice has supported him on many levels and he now feels a strong sense of responsibility to share.

That’s why, after 2 years of practice, he decided to go to India to instil yoga into his daily life in its traditional way. It’s at Diya Yoga school that he studied philosophy and meditation with Meera Acharya (founder of the school), anatomy, alignments and pranayama with Disha Deshpande, alignments, sequencing and art of teaching with Azuka Kantimatta, and it’s with their knowledge and support that he completed his 200 hour Yoga Alliance training to become a certified Yoga teacher. Back in the UK he continued his yoga journey with Matthew Gough at his studio "Brewer Street Yoga" in London where he started teaching.

In 2023, Gerard went back to Diya Yoga school in India to deepen his knowledge with 200 additional hours of training. Because we all are and will always be students when it comes to Yoga.

How Gerard became a Massage Therapist

Gerard first practised massages in a spa in France where he was born and grew up. He worked hard to train in a whole range of massage techniques: relaxing, invigorating, re-energising.

He also travelled a lot around the world and learnt as much as possible as his work is also his passion. He is now able to offer a whole range of different massage techniques, delivering his clients a truly professional, personalised and relaxing experience, focused on their well-being.