Gerard doesn't sell services.
He delivers happiness.

Yoga sessions and massages at Om Body Studio

Booking a Yoga session or a massage at Om Body Studio means you will enjoy at least one hour of unhurried practice or treatment of your choice, with complete peace of mind.

Gerard is happy for you to stay for a chat if you have questions about your practice or relax after your chosen massage and take the time you need to enjoy the full benefits for it.

What clients say about us


Professional, spa like experience, very relaxing and enjoyable. A very warm welcome, can't wait to go back!

Craig E.


Highly recommend Gerard to anyone, he creates a very relaxing atmosphere, he is attentive and professional in everything he does. You never feel hurried or rushed. I will definitely be booking many more sessions.

Alex N.

Wonderful and Calming

I cannot express how much better I feel after visiting Gerard. I think one person wrote that if there was a 15 out of 10 then that's would this rating would be. Apart from being a brilliant massage holistic therapist he is also a wonderful human being. Recommend very highly as always.

Lewis R.